Welcome to our Senco Parts Store.

 My name is Ty Danforth and I am a Senco parts dealer. I get parts in for any Senco gun in a timely manner that I sell for a lower price than from the warehouse. I also repair Senco guns for a price that is determined by the cost of parts and labor time.

All sales of parts will be done through Ebay to ensure payment. If you really do not want to pay through Ebay you may contact us and try to make other arrangements. Gun repairs are on a local basis (Union County/Baker County, Oregon) but may be negotiated and that will all be set up directly between you and myself. My contact info will be left at the bottom of this post for your convenience.

I will post direct links to items I am already selling on Ebay. I will also try to list some other parts that I sell. If there is a part that you are looking for and we don't have listed yet, you can send us a friendly e-mail requesting the part. Again this information will be found below.

Thanks for your interest. Please let me know if I can help you in anyway.

Ty Danforth

E-mail: d4supply@hotmail.com
Phone: 541-786-4416

Senco Repair Kits

Senco Repair Kit YK0373
---This fits: SLP20XP

Price is $34.99

Here is the link:


Senco Repair Kit YK0371
--Fits: MW, SC2


Here's the link:


 Senco Piston Stop Kit YK0362
--Fits: FinishPro 41/42XP

Price: $24.99

Here's the link:


Senco Repair Kit YK0372
 -- Fits:SLS20XP

Price: $36.00

Here's the link:


Senco Repair Kit YK0367
-- Fits: SFN40


Here's the link:

Senco Repair Kit YK0402
--Fits: PW150/200

Price: $30.99

Here's the link:


Senco Firing System Kit YK0230
-- Fits: SNS45XP

Price: $24.99

Here's the link:


Piston/ Driver Assembly EA0164
--Fits: Framepro 651

Price: $42.99

Here's the link:

Senco Firing System Kit YK0424
--Fits: RoofPro 455XP

Price: $38.99

Here's the link:


Senco Feed System Kit YK0221
--Fits: SCN40R

Price: $22.99

Here's the link: